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Blue Light/Photodynamic Therapy

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Blue Light/Photo Dynamic Therapy

Blue Light Therapy

Blue light therapy, or photodynamic therapy, is used to treat cancerous and precancerous skin conditions. Using photosensitizing agents that react with light, photodynamic therapy destroys pre-cancerous and early cancerous cells.

How does Blue Light Therapy work?

Depending on your unique condition, the photosensitizing agents is applied to the area being treated and allowed time(1-2 hours) to absorb into the sun-damaged skin cells. Afterward, a special blue light is applied, which activates the medications and causes damage to the abnormal cells. The patient spends about 16 minutes under the blue light device after the incubation period.

Uses of Blue Light Therapy

Blue light therapy is recommended for people with certain types of pre-cancerous lesions, to prevent spread of the sun-damaged skin cells, which can lead to skin cancer.  Although relatively new to treatment centers, blue light therapy is becoming more widely recognized as a valuable option.

Blue Light Therapy Advantages

Blue light therapy is a smart decision for actinic keratoses, or potentially cancerous skin lesions. Its advantages include:

  • In-office procedure completed within a few hours
  • Good cosmetic results, minimal scarring and down time
  • Few long-term side effects if used properly
  • The patient does not have to apply therapy for weeks as with other topical treatments

Blue light therapy is unable to treat large cancers, cancers that have metastasized (or spread), or cancers that are deep within skin or organs. It does cause stinging during the procedure and redness and sun-sensivity following the procedure. We do recommend patients schedule the procedure when they can avoid any sun exposure for at least 48 hours.

Dermatology of Athens

Blue light therapy may be a great option for your skin condition. Dermatology of Athens is an expert on blue light therapy; we’ll evaluate your skin and provide the necessary treatment for your skin’s success.

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